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Covid 19 update

Coronavirus Update 25.03.2020

Good morning, I hope this latest update finds you, and yours well.

As we have previously stated, the current pandemic situation remains a fast moving and complicated one.

Further to our update yesterday we wanted to let you know the current situation;

It is up to each member company to decide whether or not they can safely carry out work, using the Public Health England guidance, and if they cannot they must stay at home.

The Government has included the following types of worker as among the key worker list: Telecommunications Engineers, Field Engineers and Broadcasters.

Sky are recommencing home visits today. The Government have confirmed that they class their field engineers and call centre staff as Key Workers. They are only carrying out work to keep people connected to TV or Broadband services, they are not carrying out non-essential work, such as Sky Q updates.

We are in contact with DCMS to get some official guidance re TV services but haven’t received it yet, they have however issued guidance re Broadband services: For engineers who have been designated as key workers, they may go to people’s homes but obviously there is no guarantee the residents will allow them in. We would recommend that whatever workarounds you can agree on an industry basis to avoid engineers having to enter people’s premises but still maintain connectivity to them are used - even if it’s passing cable via a window in some cases.

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