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Starlink Installation in Liverpool

Starlink Installation in Liverpool.

Here we have a new Installation of Starlink in Liverpool for reasonable new home that was suffering from terrible internet speeds from BT with about 10mbs at tops and no other viable option.

The houses were run with BT copper lines and offering a top speed of about 15mbs which is reasonable, but the customer and partner both worked from home plus a growing family all trying to get as much from the little bit available something needed to change, no other options that were reliable enough, the neighbour had been using starlink for a couple of months and had recommended the upgrade and got in touch with us to do the installation.

We fitted to the wall on a galvanised wall bracket and alloy mast and routed the cable into the lounge and installed a wall socket to finish.

Speeds were up at 240mbs so one very happy client.

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