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Starlink Installation

Simplytvaerials have many years of experience in fitting TV Aerial & Satellites in hard to reach areas so we are offering this service. Starlink Broadband system comes with a free standing tripod mount, this is ok if you have a flat roof or large garden, in the UK most people live on housing estates where the dish needs to be chimney or wall-mounted, so it has a clear view of the sky plus it cant be stolen.

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Starlink Installation.

Starlink Installation is reasonably straightforward with the dish only requiring an unobstructed view of the open sky. The dish is expensive so needs to be installed away from the threat of theft, up on a wall mount or chimney Installation. The Starlink dish is quite heavy and requires a good sturdy mount to keep it secure in bad weather. We only use heavy duty galvanised brackets so should be stutdy and last for years with no rust.

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Starlink Chimney Installation

Digital Aerial Installation should be straightforward we offer fixed price guarantee quoted over the phone. A lot of companies will offer the free quote on site something to be wary of as they will try to get as much out of the customer as possible. We aim to keep it simple and a straightforward and without the sales pitch.  


Starlink Wall Mount

If you require more than one Digital TV Aerial point in your property then we offer a fixed price installation again for this, if you supply your address we can give you 100 % guarantee for this. Most of the time no amplifiers will be needed and a masthead splitter for up to 6 rooms can be used as signals have been improved since we went Digital.

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