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Simply T.V. Aerials Coppull

tv aerial coppull
Simply TV Aerials

Welcome to Simply Aerials here to help you with more than just TV Aerials. Things are changing in the way televisions are being used, we still need an aerial for live free television viewing, smart televisions are common with internet based products such as catch up tv, netflix and prime tv all requiring good stable speeds. If you have Freesat or Sky through a dish we can help install for you, we also install the Starlink Internet system. If you are suffering with poor internet around the home and WI-FI doesnt cover your property we can install home mesh networks for you. CCTV, Home Security and Home Automation we can do it all for more info get in touch.

TV Aerial

Digital TV Aerial Installation Coppull

Here at Simply Aerials we offer a fixed price installation for single room installations from a standard installation or High Gain Aerials for weaker reception areas. 

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Multiroom Aerial Installation Coppull

If you require a multiroom installation with up to 6 tv points all fed from the one Digital TV Aerial we can do for you, including multiroom for weak reception areas.

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Freesat /Sky Installation Coppull

If you need a satellite dish installation for Freesat or Sky or have a fault with an existing satellite set up we can help. For upgrades or repairs to dishes and LNBS, relocations of dishes due to trees etc feel free to get in touch.


Starlink Installation Coppull

If you have purchased a Starlink system and require the dish mounting professionally on a chimney or gable end then we can do this. Starlink is a satellite internet based system developed by one of Elon Musks companies, it gives high speeds with low latency for rural locations or anyone who is struggling with offerings from the main providers. To order starlink

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Home Network Installation Coppull

A lot of people suffer with bad coverage of WI-FI around the home due to being a large property or a property with thick walls where WI-FI signals cant pass through. With television services being online and kids playing on Xbox etc also parents working from home using zoom etc the limit of what is possible is soon reached. We can run hard wired mesh WI-FI networks for you giving you full speeds and security.

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TV Installations Coppull

If you have decided to mount your flat screen TV to the wall and require someone to do the job for you we are here to help. For large OLED / QLED tvs to smaller televisions for the bedroom or kitchen we will fit them all. If you need help with smart tv set ups we can also arrange a visit to help you out. Feel free to get in touch for some advice.

For an Installation in Coppull and surrounding area feel free to get in touch.

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